At View By Sydney, we are the event specialists, so we want to provide you with the ideal checklist and tips so you can create your own for your next corporate event.

Planning events are so rewarding and challenging, but have you thought about how much fun it can be to plan events for your place of work?

When you break it down, it is a great career opportunity and to sum it all up, you get to use a budget that is not your own to please a group of people in your industry.

To make event planning fun, you need to make sure you have the perfect checklist, so no stone is left unturned.

At View By Sydney, we are the event specialists, so we want to provide you with the ideal checklist and tips so you can create your own for your next corporate event.

Checklist to help host your corporate event

To get you started, we have created a checklist to help you start planning.

As most checklists are generic, you need to be able to add in your own personal touches, so it is tailored to your specific corporate event.

When you are planning, you want to first scope out what the event is for and what you want to achieve from the event.

  • Plan out the purpose of the event
  • What is the goal of the event?

List down firstly the purpose of the event. Have a think about what is the desired outcome. Is the event for team members to educate them on safety or maybe a client event to help sell a particular product or service?

Begin by listing this down, followed by the goals associated with the event. Maybe the event is to boost team member morale, so you have a survey at the end to see how people engaged with your workshop. Just make sure you have something to measure the success of the event.

  • How do you plan a corporate event

Once you have your purpose, it will make it a lot easier to brainstorm the type of function you want to host as part of your corporate event. You could decide on a workshop, seminar, conference or anything in between.

  • Who you will be inviting?
  • How many will be attending?

Now you need to list who you will be inviting to the event and how many people you will be hosting. Yes, this comes after you have set your goals and event type because then you will know the exact group you need to invite. For corporate, it could be anyone from team members to clients and stakeholders.

On your checklist, add the rough number of attendees, this will help you choose the right venue based on capacity.

  • The time and date of the event

Another item on your list that will help you choose the right venue is the date and time of your event. For corporate, mid-week functions will work a lot better as the availability of your guests will be more suitable during work hours.

The time and date will also help your venue choice for bookings. Make sure you have a set corporate event idea and guest list before you choose a date.

  • What type of technology will you need?
  • What kind of catering will you have?

Your next point of call is noting down all the features you need for the corporate event. What type of A/V do you need in the room, are you catering for your guests? List all the technology you will be using and what types of presentations or music you will require. Also, make sure you list the potential dietary requirements for the venue catering options.

That way, when you are choosing a venue, you know the right questions to ask based on your needs.

  • Where you will need to host the event

Once you have a list of all the aspects around your next corporate event, you want to find the perfect one for you. Make sure you book venue tours and note down some prerequisites as mentioned above so you can ask the right questions and get as many details as you need.

Some of the things you want to check is functioning A/V, minimum spend, food and beverage options, location of the event including parking and transport and the interior/exterior deco.

Make sure you are thorough with your checks.

  • Supplies for the event
  • Communication in the lead up to the event

After you have booked your venue, make sure you continue to communicate with the events team on catering, decorations, supplies, setting up and technology.

You want to ensure the team, and yourself are prepared for the event. Before it starts, check all the A/V is working and make sure all your guests’ dietary requirements have been taken care of!

  • Post-event review

Once the event has come to a close, add a post-event review to your checklist. Get feedback, review everything you did and make suggestions for next time.

It might seem unnecessary, but it is always good to measure your goals and event logistics. This also makes it easier when you have another event and are looking for a venue again.

Creating your own checklist  

Before you get started, create your own checklist based on what we have mentioned above, but add to it!

Add in the requirements that are niche to your event. Use a spreadsheet or word document to focus on all your action items around the plan of your function.

A checklist will keep you accountable and organised, but also so will working with a venue.

Final thoughts

At View By Sydney, we take the stress out of event planning. Once you have your checklist ready to go and have chosen us to host your corporate event, we will take care of the rest.

With a venue that can fit from 10 to 400 people, has state of the art technology and amazing food and beverage packages, we have all you need and more.

Plus, we are in a prime location close to the Sydney CBD! Making it easy to access and also offering incredible Sydney Harbour views!

So get your checklist started and contact us today for a tour of our function spaces, you won’t be disappointed.

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