Corporate events are an excellent way for a business to be seen, be known, but to also communicate with team members or clients.  Organising any corporate event can be a long and winded process, especially without a plan – and when you are hosting in a busy city like Sydney.

Planning an event for any audience is time consuming and requires a lot of elements needed for execution. From the speakers, attendees and the location of the event, the whole process can be stressful.

One of the first items on your list should be the event location and function room. Where will it be held? You need to lock in a function room before you start all the formal planning of any business event. When it comes to any organising in a major city, timing is critical.

Sydney is one of the business district cities in Australia and with a population of around 5 million people, you can imagine businesses are hosting events daily!

We don’t want to make this more of a daunting process than it already sounds, so we have put together a checklist on everything you need to know about hiring a function room when planning for a business event in Sydney!

We have broken down this checklist into five parts to make it easy for you to check off what is critical for your next event.

  1. Capacity

When planning any business event, you want to know how many people a function room can hold. So, as you are choosing a location, you want a venue that has multiple rooms, which can host a different range of people. The different options allow you to choose from a bigger range if you are unsure of your specific audience number when you start researching.

Some venue spaces may only offer big rooms, so if you have an intimate group, it can make the room look too big and uninviting. Venue spaces like View By Sydney, offer a range of rooms whether you are hosting a small group of 10 people or a large event of 400 guests.  The capacity a venue can hold is critical to the early stages of event planning, but you also want to ensure your location is central.

  1. Location

Sydney is a big city, offices and workplaces stretch from the suburbs to the city and even the beachside, so when you are choosing a function room to hire, you want to ensure it is in a good location for all guests to attend. When locating a venue, go for a good atmosphere, but in Sydney, with the traffic, you want to make sure it is walking distance from the CBD.

View By Sydney is a prime location for all locals and guests from outside the Sydney area. The venue is a 10-minute walk from the CBD, which makes it very easy to take different forms of transportation around the busy city. Plus, the added bonus, those views of the Sydney Harbour and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  1. Technology facilities

The facilities of a venue and function room are key. Especially if you have presentations, guest speakers and anything visual for your attendees to engage with. When you are looking for a function room to hire, you need to ensure the AV and technology facilities are up to scratch and all functioning how you need them. The function room should have all the latest technology, so you know your presentations will be impressive and working on the day of your event.

View By Sydney offers the latest technology and facilities. From the audio systems to the large screens, state of the art projectors and 86’ touch displays everything is on hand. The technology and AV will provide you with exactly what you need to make your event run smoothly.

  1. Catering and beverages

Catering to the needs of your guests at your next business event will always be memorable for the attendees. When you are hosting your event and are looking for a function room, you want to ensure the food and drinks are available – because let’s be honest, everyone loves free food. Guests who attend events, always remember the quality of food they were served, so you can easily win them over with a good spread of food and drinks. That means portions sizes, variety and of course, taste! On top of that, it is all about the service as well!

As part of the hospitality, View By Sydney also offer barista coffee, a licensed bar, canapés and meal services.

  1. Atmosphere

Lastly, you want to make sure the venue has a good atmosphere for your business event. You want a good location and a beautiful venue with a good look and feel. View by Sydney is an ideal venue for any business function as it is close to the city and Barangaroo. The heritage design elements of the building with the large outdoor terrace gives off the perfect atmosphere for any event.

Final thoughts

Planning an event takes time and resources, especially when it comes to a business event – the type of events where you want to impress your attendees. From catering to all the elements needed for presentations and speakers, there is a lot to tick off on your event planning checklist.

At View By Sydney, we tick off those checklist items by supplying you with a function room that is fully equipped with what you need. Our team of event planning experts will not only take care of the heavy lifting of your event but can also help make suggestions and provide the service that will take your event from zero to hero after one consultation.

View By Sydney stands for spectacular views, a superb setting and the finest of dining and service, what more could you ask for in a venue for hosting a corporate event? Please contact us today for a free viewing of our function rooms.

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