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Planning and hosting a conference event can require a lot of logistics and organisation. From locking in a date to execution, there are a lot of elements.

However, these elements can be made fun and stress-free once you have hired the right venue to help you along the journey.

Planning and hosting a conference event can require a lot of logistics and organisation. From locking in a date to execution, there are a lot of elements.

However, these elements can be made fun and stress-free once you have hired the right venue to help you along the journey.

Once you have found the venue, the team will be by your side to organise the logistics and finer details of the conference event.

So, that is why it is important to choose the right event host. Even if the venue is the hardest decision to make, once you are educated and know exactly what you need to be looking for, the perfect venue will be there to guide you.

When it comes to finding and choosing your conference destination, you need to be considering all the event factors, including location, facilities and even the team you will be working with.

At View By Sydney, we have come up with the most critical things you need to consider when picking the perfect venue.

Venue location

You may be hosting your event in a large city, just like Sydney, so you want to make sure your venue location is easy to get to and in a convenient space.

You want to ensure it is close to public transport and has easy access. The closer to the CBD, the easier it is for your guests to get to, no matter where they are located.

Of course, you also want to be in a location that is appealing to be in, has a nice atmosphere and is safe! Even better if you have a nice view to look at while you are hosting your conference.

Catering options

One question you need to ask yourself, will there be food and beverages at my conference? We are positive most of your guests will answer “we hope so”.

When hosting an event, you need to consider all the extras you want to provide your attendees. Adding food and drinks to your event invitation is always another added bonus and will attract more people.

But of course, you need to choose a venue location that will provide you with different options to cater for the event style you want.

When you receive a function package from the venues you are looking to book, check the food and drink packages to make sure they offer a wide variety at all different price ranges so they can suit your needs.


The most important part of your conference, the presentations, and audio/visual components! What are you going to be doing at your event, and what types of technology will you need?

A venue should be able to host all your requirements when it comes to the presentation side of your event. Without all these elements, your event is just people in a room.

When you are searching for your venue space, make sure they can host all the requirements! Make a list of all the electrical/technology functions you will need. Also, even placements of power points, etc. are critical. Make sure you note these down when you inspect locations.

You also want a venue space that has updated/state-of-the-art technology to ensure no tech issues occur on the day of your conference.


Of course, you want to ensure the service of the venue is top level. You need to get along with the main contact for the venue and the person who will be assisting you.

You also want to make sure the staff who will be working your event are friendly. If you have bad staff working the event, it can really impact the way people feel about your conference, even if it is out of your control.

Make sure you meet with people at the venue before you lock anything in, that way you won’t be frustrated when you start working with them. It is all about communication!

Also, you want to ensure they are a good team to work for in the lead up to the event, not just on the day!


A site tour is key to ensure all the facilities are updated and meet your needs. You want to inspect the venue to ensure it has everything you require for your conference, including the right toilet facilities, smoking/non-smoking areas, outdoors for fresh air, disability access, etc.

Note down what you will require before you start site visits to make sure it will suit exactly what you need for the conference! You must cater to all your guests as best as you can!


Lastly, you want the venue to look appealing. First impressions always count, especially at events. You want an interior and exterior that suits your style of the conference but also gives off the right vibes for your guests.

Again, this is why site tours are critical because online images don’t always give away the full picture of the venue space.

Although cosmetic stuff is only minor, it does impact the overall look and feel of any event, so make sure you love it before you book!

Final thoughts

Hosting a conference doesn’t need to be overly daunting to organise. Once you have the venue space locked in, the rest will flow while you work alongside the venue team.

Make sure you book enough site tours so you can meet the staff from the venue and get a good feel for the space. Ask as many questions as you can and finalise most elements before you book.

At View By Sydney, we have a lot on offer to cater for big and small conferences. We are located in a prime location on the Sydney Harbour, so you know our views are stunning.

We also have an amazing team to help you plan and execute the best event! We also have the latest technology to ensure all the presentations run smoothly.

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