Hosting an event in Sydney, what comes to mind is a venue with a beautiful view!

With loads of iconic landmarks in Sydney, there are so many incredible backdrops you want as part of any event from a wedding to a corporate function.

When it comes to choosing an event space, there are a few different elements you need to think about before booking in a venue.

If you are looking for a beautiful waterfront event space with all services provided, View By Sydney may be the perfect choice for you.

Before you lock in a venue, research below what you need to remember when booking your next event.

Event planning – what you need to remember

When you are planning any type of event, the key is to find a venue that makes the logistics of planning easy. At View By Sydney, our process is to do exactly that – make all the logistics easy to manage.

But how do you remember all the elements needed when planning an event? Not only have we listed them for you below, we know as a leading waterfront venue in Sydney, we tick all the boxes.

To make sure you are choosing the right venue, you need to make sure you have thought about the essentials.


Choosing a venue to host any event, you need to make sure the venue is in a good location for your guests. Your event location should be either easy to access or close to the CBD of Sydney.

View By Sydney is what you need when it comes to location. With only a 10 minute walk from the CBD, your guests will be able to access this waterfront venue with ease. 


Most events, whether it is a birthday party or corporate event, require technology to play presentations, set up lighting and everything in between. When you are choosing a venue, you want to make sure all systems are functioning, and you have enough resources.

By hosting an event at View by Sydney, you don’t have to worry about the technology. We have state-of-the-art facilities, so all your presentations, music and anything else you require will work smoothly on the day.

Catering & Beverages

The most important part of any function, the food and drinks. Your guests will be happy when the food is good, and they have access to beverages. When choosing a venue, you need to make sure the food supply is adequate, and the package suit your needs.

We are happy to give all event organisers a taste into what we offer at View by Sydney, but we know our guests won’t be disappointed. During any function, we offer a great selection of food options as well as drinks to keep all guests satisfied.

“Wow” factor

It might not be essential to planning an event, but it is the difference between a good event and a memorable one. When it comes to planning, you want to choose a venue with that feature “wow” factor. Most of the time, this is the view!

At View by Sydney, the name says it all! We offer incredible waterfront views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and parts of the beautiful city. The view alone is enough to make your event a favourite amongst your guests.

Imagine the beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from your bridal table!

Interior and exterior

When you plan an event, you want the inside and outside to look amazing. You want your guests to be pleased the minute they walk in.

So choose a venue that does have it all! The exterior of the building should be inviting, so guests feel comfortable from the minute they arrive. Then you want a stunning interior, which can have as little or as many decorations to suit your taste.

The interior should be aesthetically pleasing with or without decorations. We take pride in our interior at View By Sydney to ensure no matter what the event requires, our interior and exterior will tick all the boxes.

Plus, the waterfront views are the best in Sydney, they never disappoint – especially at any engagement or birthday party!


Lastly, what you need to remember when planning an event, how many people will be attending? For big or small, you need to make sure the venue you are choosing can hold the capacity of people you have invited.

If you have a small and intimate group, you don’t want to book a huge event space where the room looks empty. On the contrast, you don’t want to pack people into a function space if you have a large group.

View By Sydney caters for large to small groups with our different function rooms. From 10 to 400 people, we have the options to make sure your event space works no matter what guest list you have.

For large or small corporate events or Christmas parties, we have room to suit any crowd size.

Types of events

Planning an event can be a slightly different process depending on what you are hosting. Once you have locked in your venue, the various aspects of the event change from birthdays to weddings and even corporate functions.

At View By Sydney, we are the waterfront venue with loads of experience in the following:

  • Birthdays
  • Corporate events
  • Christmas parties
  • Engagement parties
  • Weddings
  • Cocktail parties

Our Events Team all know what it takes to run a smooth and successful event no matter what the occasion. However, we do know how important it is to choose the right venue, especially if you want somewhere central to Sydney with fantastic waterfront views.

Why choose View by Sydney?

At View By Sydney, we know all the different aspects you need to cover when it comes to organising an event. We understand when it comes to planning, the organiser has a wish list and an idea of the space they want.

Our waterfront venue ticks a lot of boxes from all the past events we have worked on, we are confident will continue to tick all the boxes for events in the future.

With close proximity to the Sydney CBD, the excellent facilities and packages we offer, to lastly the beautiful waterfront view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we know choosing View By Sydney is the perfect option!

If you would like to know more about the types of events we host, please check out our events page, or contact us today to talk to our amazing Events Team.

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