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You may not realise all the elements you need to organise for a wedding, but it shouldn’t seem too daunting or overwhelming. With a good wedding plan/planner and venue, all the little incidentals of a wedding will be handled for you!

A wedding shouldn’t just be seen as a time to spend big dollars. But it is a factor you need to be thinking about when it comes to planning your special day.

You may not realise all the elements you need to organise for a wedding, but it shouldn’t seem too daunting or overwhelming. With a good wedding plan/planner and venue, all the little incidentals of a wedding will be handled for you!

Let’s talk about the wedding costs so you can educate yourself and know exactly what you need to do before you make a start on the plans!

At View By Sydney, we want your wedding day to be a one to remember, for all the right reasons. So, we have put together the ultimate guide and checklist for the cost of your wedding!

How much should I budget for my wedding?

One of the most common questions we get from our bride and groom, how much should you be budgeting for your wedding day.

The best thing to do is to work out your maximum budget, how much can you afford to spend. Then plan to spend only 80%, as if you were building a house. Then if you have additional expenses and unplanned events to pay for, you are covered.

What is the main expense of my wedding?

You probably would have guessed right with a wedding reception being the most expensive part of your wedding. But that is usually because hiring a venue covers a lot of your costs including food, beverages, interior, and exterior, look and feel as well as the added service from the venue. When it comes to hiring a function space for your wedding, usually the packages range from the number of guests who will be attending.

Most venues will require a minimum spend, so make that enquiry first to get the figures and work out your guests from that minimum spend amount. This will make it easier to factor in the costs early.

A hidden expense with a wedding plan

The time of year plays a big role in the cost of your wedding too, so don’t forget that! Summer weddings in Sydney can be very hot, so if you are planning for the outdoors, you need to ensure everyone is comfortable (this could create hidden expenses). Also, transitional seasons can be very hard to secure a booking due to popularity. Make sure you plan ahead!

Checklist on other significant expenses

The Ceremony: Will your ceremony be at a different venue from your reception? How long will the break be? Will you need to add food or drinks in between the break for your guests? These days, we often see couples combine the ceremony and receptions head-to-head (and in some cases at the same venues). You will also need a celebrant.

Equipment and styling for the room: When it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding day, consider the extra costs for styling the room and added furniture or equipment you will need. Generally, it is safe to choose a venue that can supply a lot of these features.

Entertainment and Special FX: Another pricey addition to your wedding. DJs are now becoming a lot more popular in the wedding scene and can save you for extra dollars over hiring a band for the night. However, if you wish to have any pyrotechnics or fire, it’s best to use a certified operator who can handle permits and safety requirements.

Transport/Wedding cars: If you are choosing to hire cars to get you and your bridal party to the wedding ceremony and reception, you want to make a stylish entrance. You need to think about whether the bride just has a car or if the groom has one too. You need to consider your bridal party, where you will need to be transported to etc. before you decide how many cars you need.

Floral arrangements & flowers: You will be very surprised at the cost of flowers and floral arrangements, especially for weddings. Depending on how many bridesmaids are in the wedding party will determine the cost. Also, you need to list where else you will have flowers, as part of the decorations? For the groom and groomsmen? Also, the seasonality of the flower and the type of flowers you choose will also impact price.

Wedding cake: You may decide to save money on the food package and have your cake as dessert. But a wedding cake is the most expensive dessert you’ll ever buy.

Wedding planner: A wedding planner is a good investment if planning stresses you out or you are too busy. They are a good investment and have great benefits. They will add a cost to your wedding. Most of the time the venue staff are good enough to help you with all the reception plans.

Photography & Videography:  Do you just want photos? Or do you want a video as well? Adding the video element will mean hiring two people for the day (possibly even more). Also, if you want to use a drone, use a certified operator who has the right insurance and permits.

Accommodation: Where will you and your new husband or wife be staying for the night after your special day? Do you have out of town guests you want to accommodate? What about transport to and from your wedding for your guests? Are you having a bus or is it ‘find your own way’? These are the types of things you need to consider as an expense.

Small considerations for the wedding

Now you have thought of all the high-ticket expenses for your wedding. You also need to think about the small costs. Although these might not seem significant, if you haven’t put them in the budget, they will add a lot of extra costs to your wedding.

These include:

  • Decorations: some venues will offer assistance with your decorations – and if the venue has a beautiful interior, it makes it a lot easier
  • Invitations: it isn’t just the printing, but also the design
  • Bonbonniere: this is a nice little favour for your wedding guests, and the cost will depend on what you choose and how many guests you have.

The icing on the cake – the final thing to consider

If you have been dreaming of your wedding day since you were young, usually the most thought out part of the wedding is the dress (well for the bride).

But you also can’t forget the formal wear for the whole bridal party. This includes suits, dresses, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup.

All of these continue to add expense to the wedding. Also, you might get your bridal party a thank you gift.

Final thoughts

The first step to planning a wedding is organising and setting out a budget. It ensures you and your partner are on the right page and relieves the financial stress when you know how much you will be spending.

Make sure you cover all costs associated with your wedding day and leave no stone unturned.

Of course, finding the right venue is an essential chapter in the wedding plan as it will determine a lot of the costs.

At View By Sydney, we are here to assist in coordinating your wedding needs. Our wedding packages make the whole process affordable and a lot less stressful – plus our Sydney views will make you huge savings on decorations

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